Company profile


Manufacturer of the “HAM International” product lines


Established since 1969, manufacturer of the famous Ham International CB radio products during the seventies and pioneer in the release of CB radios on the free market in Belgium and neighbouring countries.

Developer and manufacturer of the first European approved 900MHz CT1 cordless phones in the eighties with a PTT approval in 13 EU countries including UAE. These were the first telephone products that one could buy privately on a free market not depending on the monopoly of the telephone operators.

The company created cordless phone networks covering very big surfaces up to 100.000 square metres inside buildings long before DECT technology was available.

Main product lines:

Started with GSM indoor coverage solutions since 1994 and now producing the finest and most sophisticated CE and FCC conform professional GSM indoor signal amplifiers in the world for both EMEA + ASIA PACIFIC and USA frequency bands.

Developed the first and still the only real MIMO 6 band antenna combiner/amplifiers for 2G 3G 4G 5G in the world allowing the simultaneous connection up to 8 routers. This solution is ideal for vessels; both yachts and merchant, for a stable and very strong internet providing over 1Gbps of bandwidth using only 4G. Applications are also as fail over or only source for internet on remote workplaces.

 As all our products are 5G compatible we expect a bandwidth of multiple Gbps.

Thanks to the savings one gains on the VSAT or STARLINK expenses, there is a return of investments in less than one year.

These products are unique all over the world, they are also “RAILROAD CERTIFIED” and are the only ones to date having a CE certificate as terminal equipment for licence-free installation and use in all EU countries.

We produce and deliver a big range of coaxial cables and connectors for RF applications meeting the highest CPR specifications.

Company policy:  Quality over quantity.

The knowledge acquired after so many years of experience has learnt us all more than excellent product know-how, and our friendliness is an innate quality of the whole family. The offered products are selected based on their quality, reliability and after sales service possibilities. 

Financial: the company is completely independent and also all premises are 100% family owned.