Ravome the automatic radio message system.

RAVOME the automatic Radio Voice Message system from All communications NV sends automatic voice messages to users of portable or mobile radios (walkie talkies).

Compatible with any kind of radio communication systems like DMR, FM or TETRA or PELTOR LITECOM PRO headset radios.

  • Can be connected to any kind of alarmserver like PLC's in production, firealarms or PC networks.
  • The voice alarm messages can be created or switched on and off at any time.
  • Messages can be sent individually, to single or more groups.
  • The normal internal radiocommunication between the users can be further used. 
  • The alarm messages are repeated at interval until someone acknowledges receipt.
  • Logging for statistics on the kind of alarms and response time.
  • Big coverage all over the company and compatible with repeaters.
  • No limitation on the number of different messages.
  • Suitable for production lines, service and repair teams, ....
  • The system remains active in case of 230 V AC failures. (UPS)
  • Custom design tailor made solutions.

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