DAS Systems

DAS or Distributed Antenna Systems are solutions to create coverage in big buildings or surfaces for GSM or POC with 2G 3G 4G 5G signals or other critical communication.


The system is composed of a series of small antennas that similar to WIFI are installed where coverage is needed. These antennas are connected with coaxial cables to a central server. DAS solutions can be active or passive with advantages and disadvantages in both cases. 

 (Klik hier voor een vergelijkingsrapport) (link to comparison report)

Also radiating cables can be used instead of small antennas, but these are rather expensive and difficult to install. Such solutions can be considered against directional antennas for installation in a tunnel, but are less suitable to provide a customised coverage in buildings.

The planning and installation of a DAS system requires a thorough knowledge of radiopropagation and the need of measuring equipment such as a spectrumanalyzer and a simulator. We at ALL COMMUNICATIONS are really specialised in GSM signal-amplification since 1994, no one else has such a long experience. We are familiar with radio communication solutions in general since 1969.

Our DAS system is transparent for all current and future operators and technologies. It has an almost unlimited capacity of simultaneaous calls or data users. It can be installed behind PICO or FEMTOCELLS from the operators or connected to an off-air captation system with an outdoor antenna.

The solutions from All communications can be connected to the internet for 24/24 monitoring or adjustments and is able to send alarm messages.

Studies show that more than 50% of companies suffer from poor indoor coverage even over here in the heavily dense populated countries of Belgium and the Netherlands and so the situation in other countries is even worse. 


The GSM CONNECT solution, combined with a DAS system happens to always be the most performing, economic and futureproof solution.

All amplifiers are manufactured in Belgium. 

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